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If you are looking for data and digital marketing-related posts, you are at the right place. There will be all kinds of posts about digital marketing, Google Analytics, Google Ads/Facebook ads campaign optimization, and other topics about data science, data visualization, and so on.


What is this blog about?

If you want to know more about why I started this project, or what’s coming next, please read the About page.


Latest blog posts

Using UTM parameters in Google Analytics

What is UTM? UTM is a Google Analytics parameter that helps you label your website traffic from different sources. You can ask: "Isn't Analytics...

Creating excel histogram

When I started to learn data science, frequency distribution, and data visualization I have decided to create my own histogram visualization tool,...

How do I start an online business?

How do I start an online business? – (post series/ 1.) I would like to write a more extended series of posts on how to get started online, from...

What is marketing?

What is marketing? Here you can find the definition on Wikipedia. What does it mean? Marketing is a tool to sell stuff. As a tool, you can use it...

First steps to create a website

First steps You need to figure out what you want the website to be about and book a good domain name. Then you need to decide what system the site...

What do I believe in?

The digital world is very diverse. It has a lot of potential. That’s why it’s a difficult world to figure out. You have to try to find the channels and solutions that are best for you. You have to test many, many things and find the data points that help you improve and optimise your processes.