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Welcome to Data And


If you are looking for data and digital marketing related posts you are at the right place. There will be all kinds of posts about data science, data visualization, Google Analytics, Google Ads/Facebook ads campaign optimization, and other topics about digital marketing.


What is this blog about?

If you want to know more about why I started this project, or what’s coming next, please read the About page.


Latest blog posts

Using UTM parameters in Google Analytics

What is UTM? UTM is a Google Analytics parameter that helps you label your website traffic from different sources. You can ask: "Isn't Analytics...

Creating excel histogram

When I started to learn data science, frequency distribution, and data visualization I have decided to create my own histogram visualization tool,...

Site is under construction…

Please come back later. We will discuss a lot of topics in the field of digital marketing, and data science, data visualization, and more...:)

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My belief

In the digital world you can measure everything.

If you have data about something, then you can optimize it, or have deeper understanding. BUT do not track everything, you rather  have a data and tracking strategy, we will discuss it later…