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About me

Hi, my name is István Tatár. I live in  Hungary. I have more than ten years of digital media experience at a media agency. I have always created media campaigns and advised advertisers, but never for my own project.  My main area is media (Google, Facebook, classical display advertising, email marketing, strategy, etc.), but I have never created a website by my self. I know how, more or less, what to do, but in this project, I have the opportunity to test my self and improve my skills and knowledge. 

So as a website itself, is a sandbox for me to try myself out how to create a WordPress site from scratch, how to track website visitors, downloads, registrations, online shopping by my self (without asking any of my colleagues to help or do it for me 🙂 ).


Digital marketing is a journey for me to learn and develop myself in several fields.

As a digital marketer, I am interested in:
– Digital marketing, online ad campaigns, optimization
– Measurement, Google, or other analytical tools, such as Hotjar, etc.
– Tracking code implementation (Google tag manager)
– Web development: HTML, js, CSS, WordPress
– Data science, data visualization

My other goal is to help others with documenting this process, so I will write a blog, how to start from creating a WordPress website, to implement Google Analytics, how to measure and analyze things, how to optimize your campaigns to reach your goal.

I want to create free and paid products as ebooks, pdf files, youtube videos about data analysis, setting up all kinds of tracking in analytics. I want you to understand the whole process.



As data become more and more important I have always wanted to understand it better. This project creates the opportunity for me (and for you) to learn more about the field of data science, big data, data visualization, and maybe AI and machine learning (I hope so…).

I am not a data scientist, but I would like to learn and write about this field. I hope later I could create materials, posts about this topic to help you understand it better too.

So my mission is to help the everyday users and digital marketers with simple, understandable use cases, how to use data to improve your business. The longterm goal is to find advanced solutions (such as machine learning) that you can implement to your daily processes, so not just big companies, but small businesses could be able to use such technics.