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Using UTM parameters
written by data_ti
May 2, 2020

What is UTM?

UTM is a Google Analytics parameter that helps you label your website traffic from different sources. You can ask: “Isn’t Analytics already makes it possible to see?” The answer is yes, and no. Analytics better identify traffic when the links have UTM parameters. Without it, there is a good chance that the system doesn’t appropriately capture every visitor. Most of the time you will use it to segment ad traffic or organic traffic, e.g., a Facebook post, and you have five parameters for segmentation (source, medium, campaign, content, and term). Content and term are optional, and the other three are mandatory.

How does it look?

Here is an example; your URL is: and you want to send Facebook or email marketing traffic to it, so you should add UTMs to it like this:

Maybe it looks a little bit confusing if you are not a techy person, but you will understand it in a minute. What’s more, you can download my UTM creator excel for free, where you can test it out and also can make many URLs easily with parameters in seconds.

So as you can see after the example URL, we add a question mark (if it already has a “?” then we mustn’t use it again. instead we use a “&” ), and then we add the UTM parameters one by one connecting them with “&” sign.

The five UTMs are:


After the equal sign, you add the name of the traffic, or creative version, or campaign name.

So when a user clicks on your link and goes to your landing page Analytics will identify the UTMs, and you will see the same traffic names you added to the URL.
This is how it looks:


And here, you can download our UTM creator, or you can check Google’s original UTM builder here, but you can only use it for one link at a time. With our creator, you can generate more than 100 URLs, and copy and paste URLs, names, and so on.

Download UTM creator

IMPORTANT: do not use special characters, only lower case English letters (it is case sensitive) and numbers. If you want to separate words then use a hyphen or underscore.

You should be very careful with URLs, and only use this UTM creator for your own risk! Any mistake, misspelling, or space could cause broken links! is not liable for any harm, business loss caused by using this excel file.


Disclaimer: is not responsible for the business and marketing decisions made by the reader after reading this article. The above article is merely the author’s opinion of on the subject matter and does not constitute a business offer or advice.

If you have any feedback or want to read about a topic, please let me know below!

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