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What is marketing?
written by data_ti
October 25, 2021

What is marketing?

Here you can find the definition on Wikipedia.

marketing definition

What does it mean?

Marketing is a tool to sell stuff. As a tool, you can use it good or wrong. The way you use it will make a difference for your business. So if you have a product or service, marketing will help you sell it. Marketing has all kinds of fields, but the main thing is that you should know what you are selling, and answer these questions:

Who will buy it and why? What is the reasonable price in exchange for it? What are the competitors do? Where will they buy it? Why will the customers repurchase it?

How can you reach your potential customers? Where can you ask them about your product? Was it profitable for you?

Digital marketing

Like many things, marketing has evolved and changed in the last 20 years, thanks to the digital online revolution. Of course, the basics do not change, but nowadays we can reach the potential customers many many ways not only on TV, radio or in newspapers.

We will discuss it later, but first, we answer the above questions, and you might have an idea…:)

So how will marketing help you?

Who will buy your product? Marketing research is about getting to know your customers. What age group is your average buyer belong to? Where do they live? Why do they need your product? Why is it better than others?

Woow wait! These are not answers but more questions to figure out.

Now you understand:). Marketing is, in my opinion, to have the right questions, understand all aspects of it, and then answer it. You might have more answers, and hopefully, you will test many different solutions before you find it out, so you will have a lot of experience along the road:).

We will discuss the potential answers to those questions focusing on small companies and digital solutions in the following posts. I plan to write posts about exact digital marketing strategies for restaurants, webshops, and many more. I also would like to give you some additional questions: what kind of data should a small company use and measure to optimize their digital marketing?


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